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  1. Tips for cleaning your pizza stone

    Tips for cleaning your pizza stone

    Baking pizzas on your BBQ is fun and tasty! When everything is finished and everyone has had their fill, there will be some cleaning up to do. In this blog, we will give you some tips on how best to clean and maintain your pizza stone.

  2. Tips for cleaning your BBQ!

    Tips for cleaning your BBQ!

    Cleaning a BBQ is a job that - let's be honest – we do not look forward to. This blog will give you some great and handy cleaning tips to make cleaning your barbecue a bit easier!

  3. Tips for an Indian Summer BBQ

    Tips for an Indian Summer BBQ

    In September and October, we can still expect some very nice days, so it's not yet time to put away your barbecue. We are going to enjoy a wonderful Indian Summer!

  4. A guide to BBQ smoking

    A guide to BBQ smoking

    BBQ smoking adds a depth of flavour like no other, while also tenderising meats. With the right kit and a few tricks and tips, you’ll be a BBQ smoking champion in no time!

  5. BBQ tips for beginners

    BBQ tips for beginners

    The BBQ season is in full swing again. Are you organising a barbecue, but don't know how and where to start? Below we have listed some tips for a successful BBQ, both at home and at the campsite!

  6. Cook healthier with GreenGrill

    Cook healthier with GreenGrill

    South Africa is known for its Big Five. Did you know that we have our own CADAC Big Five? One of the features in our Big Five is the GreenGrill coating. If you want to know what is so special about this, read this blog.

  7. All about tabletop BBQ's

    All about tabletop BBQ's

    Do you want to know all about the different kinds of tabletop BBQs? Continue reading this blog!