What are the advantages of gas vs charcoal?
A gas barbecue is immediately hot, easier to clean. Finely adjustable temperature control (for most models) with a control knob...
Where can I find the nearest dealer for my favourite CADAC product?
Our dealer locator shows you the nearest CADAC dealer in your area based on your place of residence. Not every dealer has our full product range.
What's the history of the CADAC Skottel Braai?
The Skottel Braai originates in South Africa: when farmers were in the open field, they took an old plough shear to prepare dinner. They kindled a fire blow the shear and the meat was “braaied” (grilled) on top of it...
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My order
Where is my order?
We work together with DHL. As soon as we transfer your package to our carrier, you will receive a Track & Trace code from them by email. With this code you can see here where your package is located.
What is the delivery time?
In these tables you will find the delivery time for our barbecues, accessories & spare parts.
My credit card payment has been declined, how is this possible?
All credit card payments are checked with us. Your payment has probably been declined because your IP address and credit card are not from the same country.
Do you also deliver outside the EU?
Do you live in the United Kingdom? Please contact CADAC UK. If you want your order delivered outside of Europe, please contact our customer service.
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Cleaning & Maintenance
How do I maintain the CADAC cooking surfaces?
Most of our cooking surfaces (like the paella pan and BBQ grid) have our GreenGrill ceramic coating. Always use wooden or plastic utensils to avoid damaging this coating.
How do I maintain my CADAC barbecue?
To enjoy your CADAC product for a long time, we advise you to thoroughly clean it after each use. Use a full-length, UV-resistant cover when you do not use your BBQ.
How do I clean my Skottel?
The Skottel stays clean by using CADAC non-stick liner; after use, the liner can be cleaned by simply rinsing with hot water or in a dishwasher...
How do I clean my BBQ grid?
All our BBQ grills have a GreenGrill coating. This coating makes cleaning your grill very easy. Do not wait too long to clean it, but at least until the grid has cooled down.
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Guarantee & Repairs
What warranty does CADAC offer on its products?
We offer a 5-year limited warranty on our patio gas grills and a 2-year warranty on camping barbecues...
How to order spare parts.
You can order spare parts for your CADAC barbecue on our website. These parts often have a slightly longer delivery time (additional 3 to 5 working days).
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Is it possible to exchange an item?
It is not possible to exchange items. Would you like to return an item? Return the item within 60 days and order the correct item again on our webshop.
How can I return my order?
You can return your order to us within 60 days. Use our online return form for this. You will find this at 'My Account'...
I returned my order. How do I know if my package has arrived?
When you have registered your return via our online return form, you will automatically be informed of the return status...
Will the original shipping costs be refunded when I return my order?
The shipping costs will be refunded to you when you return your entire order. If you return part of your order, we may still charge shipping costs. This depends on the amount of the remaining purchase amount. See the FAQ "What are the...
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Gas supply
What's the difference between 30mbar and 50mbar appliances?
In most EU countries the standard gas pressure is 28-37mBar. These should be used with a 30mBar regulator.
How do I perform a leak test?
When you connect a hose to your bbq, we recommend to perform a leak test. Always do this outdoors! Prepare a mixture of water (1 part) and detergent (1 part) and spread it on the gas connection...
What is the difference between butane and propane?
A gas barbecue works on butane, propane or a mixture of these two types of gas. The difference is the boiling point; the temperature at which it changes from liquid to gas and vice versa...
What is the shelf life of gas hoses and pressure regulators?
Our gas hoses and pressure regulators comply with the highest safety level and European standards and regulations. There are no strict requirements for replacing your gas hose, but we recommend to replace your gas hose every 5 years.
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What's the difference between a HP and an LP barbecue?
HP means High Pressure and a HP barbecue works directly off a gas cartridge. Low Pressure (LP) barbecues work off a gas cylinder or Power Pak and can be connected with a regulator & hose.
What is the difference between the 30, 40 and 50 gas barbecues?
As of 2021 we have added the diameter (30, 40 or 50 cm) of the BBQ to the product name.
Can I use the base of the Citi Chef 40 FS for other barbecues?
No, unfortunately these wooden legs are only suitable for use with the Citi Chef 40 FS. It’s not suited to place a Citi Chef 40 or E-Braai on it.
Is there a base available for the E-Braai or the Citi Chef 40?
The E-Braai and the Citi Chef 40 are table top models. There are no separate bases or legs available. They are best placed on a table...
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How do I use the CADAC pizza stone
Use the pizza stone with pot stand & dome, or when you have a patio BBQ replace the Thermogrills with the pizza stone. Sprinkle some cake flower on the stone to prevent sticking. Never place a frozen pizza on the stone. Baking time depends on...
Which cooking tops can be used on my CADAC barbecue?
On our website you can find the cooking tops / accessories that can be used on our barbecues. On the service part of the website you can find the available accessories for older CADAC models.
What are the advantages of non-stick foil?
The CADAC non-stick foil is designed to keep the Skottel clean and to prevent sticking. This non-stick foil will last a long time and can be cleaned in soapy water or a dishwasher.
What's the difference between the Paella Pan and the Chef Pan?
These pans are very similar; they are both aluminum with a ceramic coating for optimal heat distribution and easy cleaning. The difference is mainly in the handles.
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The gas flow of my PowerPak has stopped. What can I do?
The PowerPak is secured against leaking. When the gas valve of the PowerPak is opened while not being attached to a barbecue, it automatically blocks the gas flow. The PowerPak has to be reset (outdoors)
I lost my manual, how can I get a new one?
On this website you can find manuals of the most common models. If the manual you need is not in this list, you can send us an e-mail and we will send you the manual by e-mail.
What can I do if my grill doesn't ignite?
First check if the burner, the gas valve and hose are free from dust, and then if the gas valve on the gas bottle is open. If your grill has a piezo ignition, you can easily check whether the defect is in this piezo ignition...
My CADAC product is not working properly, what can I do?
Maybe you can find the answer to your problem in the FAQ’s on our website. If not, please send an email with the following information:
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