Choose the correct gas connection

Choose the correct gas connection

A gas barbecue works on a gas bottle, gas cartridges & hose, and pressure regulator. Here we list all options for you.

Connecting your gas barbecue

Do you want to connect a 'Patio' gas barbecue? It is not difficult – it only works on a refillable gas bottle! Depending on the type of gas bottle you want to use (universal gas bottle or a CG bottle), choose the pressure regulator that is suitable for that specific gas bottle. The pressure regulators are available as a normal pressure regulator or as a pressure regulator with leakage protection. The pressure regulator with leakage protection has a so-called "overflow regulator" which automatically switches off the gas supply if the gas hose is damaged and or leaks.

Gas supply camping barbecues

With camping barbecues you have more choices in gas supply, which might make it difficult to choose! These barbecues are often used on the campsite. For many campers it is important to carry as little luggage & weight as possible in the car or caravan, and the more space that can be saved the better. In that case, the heavy, refillable gas bottle is often not ideal. As a specialist in camping barbecues, we like to think along with campers – that’s why we developed the Power Pak. The Power Pak combines the gas supply from several gas cartridges. This creates sufficient gas pressure to allow these appliances to work easily on a gas cartridge.

There are 2 types of Power Paks available:

  • The Dual Power Pak works on 2 gas cartridges (eg the CADAC gas cartridges 500g or 445g) with a universal screw connection (EN417).
  • The Trio Power Pak combines the gas supply of 3x 227g cartridges (eg the CADAC gas cartridge 227g); these are the elongated gas cartridges that are readily available throughout Europe from various brands.

Carri Chef | CADAC gasbarbecues

Carri Chef with Trio Power Pak

Carri Chef with Dual Power Pak | CADAC gasbarbecues
Carri Chef with Dual Power Pak

Camper & caravan

Do you have a camper or caravan with an outside connection? You can also use it to connect your barbecue then – all you need is a suitable gas hose. CADAC offers 3 different size gas hoses – 150cm, 300cm and 500cm – which can be used on the outside connection. With the Quick Release you simply click the hose onto the connection of your motorhome or caravan. Just remember that your barbecue must always be within 1.5, 3 or 5 meters of your camper or caravan!

Gas hose with Quick release | CADAC gassupplies Gas hose with Quick release 300cm | CADAC gassupplies

Refillable gas bottle

Do you still have enough space to take a refillable gas bottle with you? Opt for a universal gas bottle or a gas bottle from the Campingaz brand (CG) then! The latter needs a specific CG pressure regulator. The pressure regulators for the refillable gas bottles are available as a normal pressure regulator or as a pressure regulator with leakage protection; the pressure regulator with leakage protection has an "overflow regulator" which automatically switches off the gas supply if the gas hose is damaged and / or leaks. The gas pressure of the gas bottle is measured with the pressure gauge. These pressure regulators therefore offer extra security and safety when using a gas barbecue.

Pressure regulator | CADAC gassupplies CADAC gassupplies CADAC gassupplies CADAC gassupplies

Safari Chef | Gas Supply Options

For the Safari Chef we make the choice less stressful. With this compact barbecue you can choose from an HP and an LP variant.

Safari Chef LP

The Safari Chef LP is a low pressure appliance (Low Pressure), just like all other CADAC camping barbecues. This means that you connect this barbecue with a gas hose and pressure regulator. Again, you can choose from the following options:

  • Loose gas canisters
  • Power Pak
  • Refillable gas bottle with pressure regulator
  • External connection of your camper / caravan

Because the Safari Chef is a small device, it uses less gas than, for example, a Carri Chef. This allows the Safari Chef to work fine on a 500g or 445g gas cartridge. The Safari Chef LP can be connected to a separate 500g or 445g gas can with an EN417 pressure regulator for screw cartridges.

Safari Chef LP | CADAC gasbarbecues 

Safari Chef HP

HP stands for High Pressure, or it is a high pressure device. The Safari Chef HP works directly on a gas cartridge. You can easily screw this under the device and start barbecuing right away! Do you still want to connect your HP device to a gas bottle? Don’t worry! A special adapter set HP to LP is available to make your Safari Chef HP work on a gas bottle.

Safari Chef HP | CADAC gasbarbecues 

We understand that there are so many options that you might get confused. That is why we have listed all the options for you below:

LP Devices

(all CADAC camping barbecues with the exception of the Safari Chef HP and Safari Chef Compact):

LP Devices | CADAC gasbarbecues

HP Devices

(Safari Chef HP):

HP devices | CADAC gasbarbecues

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