Regulator Threaded Cartridges EN417

Regulator Threaded Cartridges EN417

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  • Gas pressure regulator according to EN417
  • Universal screw connection
  • Suitable for CADAC 445g and 500g cartridges, among others
  • Comes with 85 cm hose
  • Working pressure: 30mBar
  • 2 Year warranty
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Article number 343

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  • Article Number: 343
  • EAN: 8717081021757

Most CADAC barbecues run on gas. Smaller low-pressure devices that do not consume too much gas (such as the Safari Chef LP) can be connected to a single gas cartridge. For this you need a suitable pressure regulator. A pressure regulator compresses the pressure in the gas cartridge to a workable pressure for your barbecue (30mBar).

This pressure regulator has a universal screw connection according to EN417. You simply screw it onto an EN417 gas cartridge, e.g. the CADAC 445g or 500g cartridge. The hose fitting fits gas barbecues with 1/4” left-hand thread (1/4” LH BSP).

Includes 85cm gas hose with handwheel for easy loosening and tightening.

Working pressure: 30mBar

Our pressure regulators meet the highest safety level and European standards and regulations. We recommend that you replace your gas hose and pressure regulator every 5 years.


What is the shelf life of gas hoses and pressure regulators?

Our gas hoses and pressure regulators comply with the highest safety level and European standards and regulations. There are no strict requirements for replacing your gas hose, but we recommend to replace your gas hose every 5 years. Unless the expiration date on the hose dictates an earlier replacement date. Also the shelf life depends on what kind of environment the gas hose and pressure regulator are used in. If the gas hose comes into frequent contact with, for example the sun or seawater, it will not last as long. We recommend to check the hose regularly. In case of cracks, wear or porosity, the hose must be replaced immediately.

Please note: regulations may vary per country.

What is a gas pressure regulator?

A gas pressure regulator (together with a gas hose) is the connection between a gas bottle and, for example, a gas barbecue. The gas pressure regulator ensures that the gas pressure coming out of the gas bottle is reduced. This way you can safely connect a gas barbecue or stove to it. Which gas pressure regulator you need depends on the type of gas supply you choose. You can read more about this topic in the blogs below.

Regulator Threaded Cartridges EN417


92% of 100
4.6 (5) 
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