Pizza & Paella

Pizza & Paella

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Pizza Stone Pro 30 | Accessories | CADAC Barbecues
Pizza Stone Pro 30 98425
Pizza Stone Pro 40 | Accessories | CADAC Barbecues
Pizza Stone Pro 40 98433
Pizza Stone Pro 50 | Accessories | CADAC Barbecues
Pizza Stone Pro 50 98436
Pizza Stone 25cm | Safari Chef | CADAC
Pizza Stone 25cm 6544-100
Pizza stone 33 cm | CADAC
Pizza Stone 33cm 98368
Pizza Stone 42cm | CADAC
Pizza Stone 42cm 98331
Pizza lifter | CADAC
Pizza lifter 98317V
Chef Pan 40 | CADAC
Chef Pan 40 5610-300
Paella Pan 30 | CADAC
Paella Pan 30 8635
Paella Pan 40 | CADAC
Paella Pan 40 8600-100
Paella Pan 50 | CADAC
Paella Pan 50 5758
Chef pan 47cm | CADAC
Chef Pan 50 8910-102

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You can make the most versatile dishes on your barbecue at home or on holiday: anything from chicken skewers to burgers, but also pizzas, paella, risotto or your own favorite stir-fry dish! Preparing these last named dishes is a lot easier with the pizza stones and (paella) pans from CADAC!


With the CADAC pizza stones you can make the most delicious pizzas on your own barbecue in no time. With the barbecue lid on, you can create a real pizza oven!

The pizza stones are made of heat-resistant cordierite, which gives your pizzas a nice crispy bottom. The stone also retains the heat well, so you can also make pizzas for your whole family in no time.

In addition to pizzas, you can easily bake sandwiches, focaccia, bread rolls or croissants on a CADAC pizza stone.

CADAC has a few different types of pizza stones; pizza stones without holder, pizza stones with holder and pizza stones with a heat distributor. When choosing the pizza stone, make sure it fits your barbecue!


The CADAC Paella Pans and Chef Pans are made of lightweight aluminum and have a GreenGrill ceramic coating. It is lightweight pans, so it is easy to take with you in the car, camper or caravan!

If you’d like to make something different other than the usual hamburger or a chicken skewer on your barbecue, then you can make a delicious paella, risotto, pasta or stir-fry dish with our paella pans. Pancakes are also easy and quick to bake in these pans!

In addition to paella pans, we also have the handy Tapas set. With these pans you can put a fried egg, tomato or pancake on the (camping) table in no time.

Cooking at the campsite is only really fun with the pizza stones and pans from CADAC!