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This pizza stone is ideal for use on the CADAC Carri Chef and Citi Chef 50, but can also be used in other gas barbecues, charcoal barbecues and electric ovens. The 12 mm thick pizza stone has a heat distributor plate for optimal (oven) performance and is resistant to temperatures up to 300°C.

The stone is made from durable, heat-resistant cordierite, which draws the moisture out of the dough. The result: a delicious and crispy pizza!

In addition to baking pizzas, you can also bake delicious bread, focaccia or croissants on this pizza stone.

Includes handy storage bag.

Cooking surface: ø 36cm

TIP: A light sprinkling of flour over the pizza stone helps prevent the pizza from sticking during the cooking process. Simply clean the pizza stone with a cloth. Do not use soapy water as the pizza stone is very porous.


What is the difference between a CADAC Pizza Stone and a CADAC Pizza Stone Pro?

The difference between a "normal" CADAC Pizza Stone and a CADAC Pizza Stone Pro is the aluminum heat spreader. This distributor ensures that the Pizza Stone Pro heats up well over the entire surface. The Pizza Stone Pro comes with a handy storage bag.

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