Bake pizza on your BBQ

Bake pizza on your BBQ

How do you prepare a pizza on your BBQ? Which CADAC pizza stones are available? How do you use a pizza stone on the barbecue? Read all about it in our blog.

Bake a pizza on your BBQ

CADAC barbecues are known for their modular system, which means you prepare more than just burgers on your CADAC barbecue. Did you know that you can also bake delicious, crispy pizzas on your barbecue? Here you can read the best way to do this!

There is almost no CADAC barbecue on which you cannot bake pizza. The only requirement is that you have a barbecue with a dome.

Most supermarkets sell fresh pizzas, but it is even more fun to create your own pizza. Not that much time? Then cheat a bit and buy a ready-made base and top it with your favourite ingredients. Of course tomato sauce and a lot of cheese are essential on your pizza.

Why a pizza stone?

You can place the pizza directly on the BBQ grid, but pizzas become even tastier and crispier using a real pizza stone. The pizza stones from CADAC are made from durable cordierite and are suitable for all gas barbecues, but also for gas and electric ovens. The stone absorbs the heat well and retains it. When you place the pizza on the stone, it will extract the moisture from the dough, giving you that tasty, crispy base you love.

CADAC | Pizza bakken op een pizzasteen

How to use the pizza stone?

Place the pizza stone on the BBQ during preheating; if you place a cold stone on a hot barbecue, the stone can break due to the rapid temperature change. You can place the pizza stone on the pot stand of the barbecue; please note that the stone does cannot come into direct contact with flames. Gradually preheating at a low temperature. If the baking of your pizza goes too fast, you can also use the stone on top of the BBQ grid. Less heat comes up, which makes pizza baking a bit slower. Pay attention that the stone does not slide over the grid. This may cause damage to the coating.

It can be a bit difficult to find the best way to prepare your pizza, especially if you don't have a luxury outdoor kitchen but a simple camping device. But that is also the charm of cooking at the campsite. The baking time depends on many different circumstances. Consider the thickness of your pizza, the temperature outside and the ingredients that you use. Therefore, check the baking process from time to time.

Maintenance & Cleaning 

Pizza stones are very porous. They should therefore not become too moist. Never immerse them in water; the stone will then absorb the water and can easily break with the next use.

Cleaning is actually very simple; you wipe the stone after use with a (damp) cloth. You can scrape stubborn residues with a metal dough scraper or spatula. Never use detergent to clean the stone! The stone will absorb the taste of soap and you will be able to taste it the next time you use it ...

It is perfectly normal for a pizza stone to darken and stain over time.

9 tips how to use the CADAC pizza stone 

  • Use the pizza stone in combination with the pot stand & dome of the BBQ.
  • Sprinkle some flour to prevent the bottom from sticking.
  • Do not place frozen pizza on the stone.
  • The baking time depends on all kinds of circumstances such as the thickness of the dough, selected ingredients, weather conditions, etc.
  • If the baking process is too fast, turn the barbecue off and let the pizza cook with the lid on the BBQ.
  • The stone may also be placed on the BBQ grid; the baking process then takes a little longer. Please note: the grid can be damaged if the stone moves.
  • Never immerse the stone in water, but wipe it clean with a (wet) cloth.
  • Do not use detergent!
  • It is normal for the pizza stone to darken and get stained by use. 

CADAC pizza stone sizes

CADAC Pizza stones are available in different sizes:



In addition to "normal" pizza stones, CADAC also has a number of pizza stones Pro in its range. The big difference with the normal stone is that the pizza stone Pro has an aluminum heat spreader. This heat or flame distributor ensures that the stone heats up over the entire surface and will give you an even better (oven) result. The pizza stone Pro comes with a handy storage bag.

Recipe | Pizza with feta and pumpkin

Now you know how to prepare a pizza on your CADAC barbecue, it's time to Braai!

This pizza is wonderfully tasty thanks to the spicy feta cheese and the sweetness of pumpkin. Pumpkin is not always available in the supermarket in the spring, but you can store pumpkin cubes in the freezer. View the full pizza recipe on our recipe page.