CADAC's Big Five

South Africa is known for its Big Five. With our south african roots and almost 70 years of ‘braai experience’, CADAC proudly introduces its own Big Five!

GreenGrill | CADAC Gas Barbecues

CADAC GreenGrill

Most of our cooking surfaces are supplied with ‘GreenGrill coating’. This ceramic coating is made from organic materials and doesn’t contain any toxic substances. The CADAC GreenGrill is much more durable and harder than normal non-stick coating. It resists higher temperatures, divides the heat better and holds this heat, so less gas is used while grilling. Cooking tops are very easy to clean with some water and detergent.



Thermogrill | CADAC Gas Barbecues

CADAC Thermogrill

CADAC patio barbecues are supplied with innovative Thermogrills. These unique, enameled steel grids provide an even heat distribution and a quicker heat-up time. The heat will not go around the grid, but is ‘trapped’ in the U-profile. This results in a lower gass consumption.

The grill is heated over the complete surface, so the complete grid can be used for grilling.


Easy Clean | CADAC Gas Barbecues

CADAC Easy Clean

The burner box of CADAC patio barbecues have clean and smooth inside surfaces made from enamel coated steel or coated aluminium. The Easy Clean System enables water to drain off in a removable fat drip cup. With the telescopic hose the water will flow into a bucket. Our cooking tops have a non-stick coating, making them easy to clean. Our portable barbecues have an enameled fat pan that can easily be removed and washed.

Cleaning has never been this simple; just use a sponge and some water with detergent.


Modular | CADAC Gas Barbecues

CADAC Modular System

CADAC products are known for their MODULAR SYSTEM; our barbecues can be used with many different cooking tops, making cooking in the outdoors even more fun. With a CADAC you fry more than just a hamburger on your grill!

  • One BBQ, endless opportunities
  • Many different tops available
  • Easy to swap one for another


Easy Assembly | CADAC Gas Barbecues

CADAC Easy Assembly

CADAC barbecues are easy to assemble. Our patio grills can be assembled within 30 minutes, because of its smart construction, a limited amount of spare parts and a clear manual. Our portable barbecues are ready to use in a minute, no need for any tools. So buy a CADAC and you will save time to enjoy the braai life!

CADAC's Big Five | CADAC Gasbarbecues