Smoker Box Mini

Smoker Box Mini

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  • Small Smoker Box
  • Stainless steel
  • With CADAC signature
  • Perfect for Carri Chef & Citi Chef
  • Not suitable for the E braai
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  • Article Number: 98316V
  • EAN: 6001773114905

Add flavor to meat, fish and vegetables with the stylish, stainless steel Smoker Box with CADAC signature. The Mini Smoker Box has been specially developed for "round" CADAC barbecues such as the Carri Chef and Citi Chef. This way you can surprise your guests both at home and at the campsite with the tastiest of dishes.

How to use the Mini Smoker Box

Soak the wood chips in water before using the Mini Smoker Box. The time required for soaking is often indicated on the packaging. Drain the wood chips well, because if they are too wet they will steam instead of smoke. Put the drained wood chips in the Mini Smoker Box and place the box in the fat pan under the BBQ grid. Now close the lid and the smoking process can begin!

Note: if you want to use the Mini Smoker Box on the CADAC Safari Chef, place it on the BBQ grid instead of in the fat pan.

Different types of wood

You can use different types of wood in the Mini Smoker Box. For example: apple, cherry, beech or oak wood. Each type of wood has its own characteristic aroma. Of course, this is partly a matter of personal taste.

Smoker Box Mini


100% of 100
5.0 (1) 
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