Chef Pan 40

Chef Pan 40

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  • Lightweight, aluminium pan
  • GreenGrill ceramic coating
  • Easy clean
  • Perfect for Citi Chef 40 and Grillo Chef
  • ø 36cm / 4cm height
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Article number 5610-300

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  • Article Number: 5610-300
  • EAN: 6001773113557

The Chef Pan is an interchangeable cooking surface that can be used as an additional cooking option on e.g. the Citi Chef 40 and Grillo Chef Gas BBQ. The GreenGrill ceramic coating makes it easy to clean and ideal for preparing paellas, risottos, pasta dishes, traditional breakfasts etc.

To use the Chef Pan with your CADAC barbecue, position the pot stand securely within the fat pan and place the Chef Pan centrally on top.



Most of our cooking surfaces are supplied with a ‘CADAC GreenGrill coating’. This ceramic coating is made from organic materials and doesn’t contain any toxic substances.

The CADAC GreenGrill is much more durable and harder than normal non-stick coating. It resists higher temperatures, divides the heat better and holds this heat, so less gas is used while grilling.

Cooking tops are very easy to clean with some water and detergent.

Check our GreenGrill Manual for more information, tips & tricks:

Chef Pan 40


100% of 100
5.0 (4) 
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