Soft Soak 2 Cook

Product specifications


  • Width: 39 cm
  • Height: 10,5 cm
  • Depth: 34 cm

Technical info

  • Approximate weight: 1,65 kg


  • Article Number: 203-900
  • EAN: 6001773118439

This Soft Soak makes cleaning your barbecue grill a lot easier. BBQ grids with a maximum dimension of 25 x 27 cm fit in this Soft Soak and can be cleaned in it with warm and soapy water. Is the grid caked on? Then you can soak it for 10 minutes and easily clean it.

The Soft Soak is made of food-safe, heat-resistant silicone. This material is soft and pliable, making the Soft Soak easy to carry and use.

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