Meridian | Thermogrill Large

Meridian | Thermogrill Large

  • unique Cadac ThermoGrill®
  • quick heat-up
  • lower gas consumptions
  • healthiest barbeque option
  • cooking area: 26,5 x 49 cm

Article number 98510-300
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  • Article Number: 98510-300
  • EAN: 6001773108874

The unique Cadac ThermoGrill® gives you even heat, quick heat-up, lower gas consumptions and is the healthiest barbeque option. Cooking area: 26,5 x 49 cm.

CADAC ThermoGrill®

CADAC ThermoGrill® causes an even heat distribution, quick heat up time and less gas consumption.

The “U” Grills on the patio range and the specially designed grids with integrated flame tamer / heat diffuser of our portable / camping barbecues, trap and distribute the heat evenly which ensures even cooking temperatures, so there are no cold spots on your braai grid.


Meridian | Thermogrill Large


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