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Meridian Built-in 3B

Meridian Built-in 3B

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  • Now with FREE accessory!
  • Built-in model with handles
  • Non-slip support feet
  • 3 burners with automatic ignition
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Thermogrills and warming rack included
  • Cooking area: 63.5 x 48.5 cm
  • 5 Year warranty
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Braai in style
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  • 2-5 years guarantee on barbecues
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Product specifications


  • Width: 71,5 cm
  • Height: 51 cm
  • Depth: 55,4 cm

Technical info

  • Approximate weight: 27 Kg
  • Total heat output: 9,6 kW
  • Total average gas consumption: 699 g/h
  • Average operating pressure: 28-37 mBar


  • Article Number: 982231-30-01EF
  • EAN: 6001773114585

Cooking area

  • 63,5 x 48,5 cm

Meridian Built-in 3B | Stainless Steel gas barbecue

With the purchase of a Meridian Built-in, you now receive a FREE ACCESSORY. During this promotion, you can choose between a pizza stone worth €44.95 or a roasting pan worth €59.95. In your shopping cart, select your desired gift. The discount will be automatically applied.


The Meridian Built-in is a stainless steel gas barbecue that can be placed on any flat surface. With the side handles you can easily position it in your outdoor kitchen or into a niche in your patio wall.  Thanks to the non-slip rubber feet, the barbecue stays in place.

The three burners all have an independent automatic ignition and a flame distributor. The flame distributors ensure that the heat is well distributed over the barbecue, but also that no food fat gets on the burners. The Meridian Built-in comes with 3 *Thermogrill® grids as well as a warming rack.

The lid is made of double-walled stainless steel for good heat retention and has an accurate thermometer to ensure perfect cooking. A fat tray helps to catch any dripping fat or oil residue during the cooking process and can easily be cleaned up by removing the fat tray from the front of the barbecue.

CADAC offers various optional accessories for even more cooking possibilities. With the pizza stone you can bake the crispiest pizzas or focaccia yourself. A rotisserie spit is also available for grilling a whole chicken or turkey.

With a five-year warranty, you are assured of optimal grilling pleasure on your Meridian Built-in for years to come.

* CADAC Meridian barbecues are equipped with unique high-quality Thermogrill® BBQ grids that guarantee optimal heat distribution. The u-shaped profile ensures even heat distribution with a faster heating time. The heat no longer goes around the grid, but is "captured" by the u-shaped profile, resulting in lower gas consumption.

Note: if you are installing the barbecue in an outdoor kitchen, make sure that there is some space around the gas barbecue for the gas hose and so that the heat can escape. Gas cylinder and pressure regulator are not included.

CADAC ThermoGrill®

CADAC ThermoGrill® causes an even heat distribution, quick heat up time and less gas consumption.

The “U” Grills on the Meridian range and the specially designed grids with integrated heat diffuser of our portable / camping barbecues, trap and distribute the heat evenly which ensures even cooking temperatures, so there are no cold spots on your braai grid.

Easy Assembly

CADAC barbecues are easy to assemble. Our portable barbecues are ready to use in a minute, no need for any tools. Our Meridian grills can be assembled within a couple of minutes, because of its smart construction, a limited amount of spare parts and a clear manual.

So buy a CADAC and you will save time to enjoy the braai life!


Our cooking tops have a non-stick ceramic coating, making them easy to clean. Our portable barbecues & Citi Chefs have an enameled fat pan that can easily be removed and washed. Cleaning has never been this simple; just use a sponge and some water with detergent.


Removable fat pan for easy cleaning

The burner box of CADAC Meridian barbecues have clean and smooth inside surfaces made from enamel coated steel or coated aluminium.The removable fat tray collects cooking residues. After grilling, you can easily remove the tray from the front of the barbecue for cleaning.


Meridian with emovable fat tray

Modular System

CADAC products are known for their MODULAR SYSTEM; our barbecues can be used with many different cooking tops, making cooking in the outdoors even more fun.

With a CADAC you fry more than just a hamburger on your grill!


  • One BBQ, endless opportunities
  • Many different tops available
  • Easy to swap one for another

Meridian Built-in 3B


100% of 100
5.0 (4) 
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