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  • Cooking tops

    The CADAC MODULAR SYSTEM is designed to bring out the gourmet in you as it caters for a wide range of cooking. Each modular cooking accessory fit each BBQ so outdoor cooking is now more exciting. It offers you a choice of many cooking styles: traditional barbecues, grilled vegetables, stir-fry, smoked fish, paellas, teppanyaki, baking and even pizzas. So with the modular system you can now cook 2 or 3 different dishes on your BBQ at the same time!

    Carri Chef / Kettle Chef Modular System

    The possibilities of outdoor cooking on your Carri Chef or Kettle Chef are endless. Prepare any dish you like with one of the optional accessories: a paella pan, a roast pan, a pizza stone, a Grill 2 Braai, etc.

    BraaiMaxx Modular System

    The BraaiMaxx has 2 independent cooking areas that allow interchangeable cooking surfaces to be used; 2 at a time! The BraaiMaxx comes with 2 barbecue grids, a paella pan, a baking stone, a Teppanyaki plate and a wok. 

    Meridian / Titan Modular System

    The Meridian and Titan barbecues can be used with several, optional cooking tops: a stainless steel Teppanyaki plate, a non-stick coated reversible grill, a warmer pan and a ceramic baking stone. 

    Stratos Modular System

    For optional variaty on your Stratos barbecue you can use the optional reversible grill and the warmer pan. The reversible grill is non-stick coated and has a flat side and a ribbed side. The warmer pan is made from thick, solid aluminium with a hard anodised coating inside.