Gas Supply

Gas Supply

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HP - LP Adapterset | CADAC
Adapter set HP to LP 8521
CG Overflow Regulator 30mbar | Gas Supplies | CADAC Gasgrills
CG overflow regulator 8515-OF
CG Regulator | Gas Sypply | CADAC Gasgrills
CG regulator 8515
Dual Power Pak | CADAC
Dual Power Pak 346-10-EU
Gas cartridge 227g | CADAC
Gas Cartridge 227g CAN220GS2-N
Gas cartridge 445g | CADAC
Gas cartridge 445g CA445-N
Gas cartridge 500g | CADAC
Gas cartridge 500g CA500-N
Hose 150cm with quick release
Hose 150cm with quick release 8508
Quick Release | CADAC Gasbarbecues
Quick release coupling 338
Quick Release Coupling | Double | CADAC
Quick release coupling 2 338-1
Quick Release Coupling | Rotating | CADAC
Quick Release Rotating 338-2
Tailpiece | CADAC
Tailpiece & nut 8154-6

Items 1-12 of 17


CADAC Gas Supply

Whether you are going to barbecue at home or at the campsite, a well-filled gas cartridge or gas bottle is absolutely necessary. Our gas barbecues work on gas cartridges, refillable gas bottles or works directly on the outside connection of a motorhome or caravan. To connect your barbecue to gas, you need a corresponding pressure regulator. Before purchasing a pressure regulator, consider which type of gas supply you prefer and need:

Gas cartridges

Gas cartridges - or gas canisters as we also call them - are available in various variants: punctured cartridges with a content of 190 grams, gas cartridges of 227 grams with bayonet, and screw cartridges with a safety valve with a content of 445 or 500 grams. Most barbecues are connected to a screw cartridge by means of a pressure regulator. Only the Safari Chef HP works directly on a screw cartridge without a pressure regulator.

Refillable gas bottle

You can barbecue the longest with a refillable gas bottle. You then choose between a universal gas bottle or a Campingaz bottle (CG bottle) and a corresponding pressure regulator. In addition to the regular pressure regulators, we offer gas pressure regulators with an overflow regulator; it automatically switches off the gas supply if the gas hose is damaged or leaks.

Power Pak

If a refillable gas bottle is too big or too heavy and the gas content of a single gas cartridge is too little, then choose a Power Pak! With this you can easily combine the gas supply of two 445gr or 500gr cartridges (Dual Power Pak) or of three 227gr cartridges (Trio Power Pak).

Caravan / Camper

If you have a motorhome or caravan with an outside connection, you can also connect your barbecue to that. For this we offer a 150cm gas hose or a 300cm gas hose. You no longer need a separate gas bottle.

Quick Release coupling

A coupling piece with a Quick Release coupling is an indispensable tool; you can (un)connect your gas hose in no time at all. This is ideal for camping holidays or home use.