Gas Cartridge 227g

Gas Cartridge 227g

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Article number CAN220GS2-N

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  • Article Number: CAN220GS2-N
  • EAN: 6001773000291

CADAC gas cartridge with 100% butane gas. The content of this gas cartridge is 227 grams. It has a bayonet connection (SSN-29) and a protective cap.

The push & turn system makes it easy to attach the cartridge in, for example, the CADAC Trio Power Pak or a gas burner.

TIP: with the CADAC Trio Power Pak you can combine the gas supply of 3 gas cartridges.


The gas flow of my PowerPak has stopped. What can I do?

The PowerPak is secured against leaking. When the gas valve of the PowerPak is opened while not being attached to a barbecue, it automatically blocks the gas flow. The PowerPak has to be reset (outdoors);

  • Turn off the gas supply of the PowerPak.
  • Unscrew the hose of the PowerPak (with supplied wrench).
  • Insert a blunt object in the gas outlet. This eliminates the pressure in the gas pressure regulator.
  • Screw on the hose again.

NOTE: Before the gas valve on the PowerPak is opened it must be connected to a device.

Gas Cartridge 227g


100% of 100
5.0 (3) 
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