Gascartridge 227g

Gascartridge 227g

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Article number CAN220GS2-N

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  • Article Number: CAN220GS2-N
  • EAN: 6001773000291

A 227g Butane gas cartridge with bayonet connection (SSN-29) as well as a protective cap.

The ‘push in and turn’ system makes it easy to lock the cartridge into place.  It is the ideal gas supply option to use with the Safari Chef 30 Compact as well as the Trio Power Pak systems.

TIP: with the CADAC Trio Power Pak you can combine the gas supply of 3 gas cartridges.


What is the difference between butane and propane?

A gas barbecue works on butane, propane or a mixture of these two types of gas. The difference is the boiling point; the temperature at which it changes from liquid to gas and vice versa. At a lower temperature, gas becomes liquid and therefore unusable for your barbecue. With butane this boiling point is around 0°C and with propane at about -42°C. This makes Butane unusable for a winter barbecue or for use at high altitudes however, it is more affordable and more efficient than Propane.

The gas flow of my PowerPak has stopped. What can I do?

The PowerPak is secured against leaking. When the gas valve of the PowerPak is opened while not being attached to a barbecue, it automatically blocks the gas flow. The PowerPak has to be reset (outdoors);

  • Turn off the gas supply of the PowerPak.
  • Unscrew the hose of the PowerPak (with supplied wrench).
  • Insert a blunt object in the gas outlet. This eliminates the pressure in the gas pressure regulator.
  • Screw on the hose again.

NOTE: Before the gas valve on the PowerPak is opened it must be connected to a device.

How long can you store a gas bottle/cartridge?

As long as the bottle/cartridge and the tap/connector look good, no rust on the bottle/cartridge or corrosion of the copper, it is good to use them

How long does an 11kg gas bottle last?

Every gas cylinder needs to be inspected every so often. The approval period is at least 10 years, although it is longer for some gas cylinders. You can usually find the re-inspection date on a ring under the gas tap or on a label.

Which gas do I use for my gas barbecue?

Our gas barbecues will run from either Propane or Butane, or a mixture of them.

Gascartridge 227g


100% of 100
5.0 (7) 
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