Paella Braai

Paella Braai

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  • Portable, lightweight gas barbecue (ø 50cm)
  • Large, aluminium Paella Pan with GreenGrill coating (ø 47cm)
  • Stainless steel stem
  • Removable aluminium legs / easy to pack
  • Incl. Pot Stand and Paella Pan
  • With handy carry bag
  • 2 Year warranty
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Product specifications


  • Width: 63 cm
  • Height: 73 cm
  • Depth: 63 cm

Technical info

  • Approximate weight: 6 kg
  • Total heat output: 3 kW
  • Total average gas consumption: 218 g/H
  • Average operating pressure: 28-37 mBar


  • Article Number: 8309-30-EF
  • EAN: 6001773116428

Cooking area

  • ø 47 cm

Portable, lightweight gas barbecue

The Paella Braai is variant of the popular Skottel Braai. Instead of the famous Skottel it comes with a large Paella Pan (47cm).

The lightweight but thick aluminium pan with GreenGrill ceramic coating is easy to use and clean. Stainless steel handles allow for easy handling.

Note: gas bottle, pressure regulator and / or Power Pak are not included.


Which BBQ is the most suitable for camping?

The first choice to make is the one between charcoal, gas or electric. It is forbidden to barbecue on charcoal at many campsites in Europe. An electric barbecue quickly consumes 2400 watts of electricity, which is way too much for most campsites. In addition, it must always be in the vicinity of an electrical outlet. Gas barbecues are therefore the most suitable barbecues to take with you on vacation.

More info | Which camping BBQ suits me?

Easy Assembly

CADAC barbecues are easy to assemble. Our portable barbecues are ready to use in a minute, no need for any tools. Our Meridian grills can be assembled within a couple of minutes, because of its smart construction, a limited amount of spare parts and a clear manual.

So buy a CADAC and you will save time to enjoy the braai life!


Our cooking tops have a non-stick ceramic coating, making them easy to clean. Our portable barbecues & Citi Chefs have an enameled fat pan that can easily be removed and washed. Cleaning has never been this simple; just use a sponge and some water with detergent.


Removable fat pan for easy cleaning

The burner box of CADAC Meridian barbecues have clean and smooth inside surfaces made from enamel coated steel or coated aluminium.The removable fat tray collects cooking residues. After grilling, you can easily remove the tray from the front of the barbecue for cleaning.


Meridian with emovable fat tray


Most of our cooking surfaces are supplied with a ‘CADAC GreenGrill coating’. This ceramic coating is made from organic materials and doesn’t contain any toxic substances.

The CADAC GreenGrill is much more durable and harder than normal non-stick coating. It resists higher temperatures, divides the heat better and holds this heat, so less gas is used while grilling.

Cooking tops are very easy to clean with some water and detergent.

Check our GreenGrill Manual for more information, tips & tricks:

Modular System

CADAC products are known for their MODULAR SYSTEM; our barbecues can be used with many different cooking tops, making cooking in the outdoors even more fun.

With a CADAC you fry more than just a hamburger on your grill!


  • One BBQ, endless opportunities
  • Many different tops available
  • Easy to swap one for another

Paella Braai


95% of 100
4.8 (4) 
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