Non-stick Skottel liner

Non-stick Skottel liner

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  • Non-stick Skottel liner
  • Cook food perfectly and healthily
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • ⌀ 47cm


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Article number 8631

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  • Article Number: 8631
  • EAN: 8712131863103

The non-stick liner works without the use of cooking fats and oils, so food can be cooked perfectly and healthily without being burnt which makes it ideal for frying or grilling meat, fish, chicken and vegetables.

After use, the liner can be cleaned by simply rinsing with hot water or in a dishwasher. Both sides of the liner can be used. To ensure a longer lifespan, the use of wooden or plastic cooking utensils is suggested.

The cooking liner is intended for use on the CADAC Skottel top and is not to be used on an open grill or in direct contact with an open fire, heating elements or burners.


How do I clean my Skottel?
The Skottel stays clean by using CADAC non-stick liner; after use, the liner can be cleaned by simply rinsing with hot water or in a dishwasher. If you don't use the liner, you can clean the Skottel by boiling some water with detergent in it. After that the Skottel can be easily cleaned.
Which accessories are suitable for the Skottelbraai or Paella Braai?

There are various accessories available that are suitable for both the Skottelbraai and Paella Braai such as: Grill 2 Braai, leg leveller, non-stick foil, food separators and paella pan. Look here for a complete overview:

Non-stick Skottel liner


90% of 100
4.5 (2) 
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