Winter BBQ during the holidays

Winter BBQ during the holidays

The holidays are upon us again. The time of being together with friends and family, good food and drinks and of course presents. In this blog, we give you some tips for tasty Christmas dishes, but also which original presents you can put under the Christmas tree.

In December, we are all busy preparing Christmas dinner. What are we going to make? Who will make what? How many people should we cook for? These are a few questions that run through our heads when we think about food during Christmas. Usually, you end up with a ham on the bone or a turkey from the oven or we'll all go gourmet together. A few side dishes, (such as jacket potatoes and a salad) and a nice dessert (such as ice cream) should not be missing, of course. All very tasty, but did you know that you can also barbecue very easily during Christmas? Hang some lights in the garden, light the brazier, provide some extra blankets and suddenly you have a very cosy winter Christmas BBQ. For the little ones, it's also fun to roast some marshmallows to go with it.

Original main dishes at Christmas

Do you want to make something other than the standard turkey or ham on the bone this year? We would like to give you some ideas for inspiration! You can easily make these recipes on your BBQ, but of course they can also be prepared at home in the kitchen... Below are a few suggestions for delicious barbecue main dishes during the holidays:

Tasty BBQ side dishes

A main course alone is not enough. Sumptuous dining also means providing plenty of side dishes. These side dishes go well with the ultimate December feeling:

Dessert is a must

A dessert always fits. After all, this does not go to the stomach, but to the heart. Of course, dessert should be December-worthy, so a bowl of yoghurt does not suffice during Christmas. How about these desserts:

Out of the box gift inspiration

December is of course also the month of presents. Do you give each other presents at Christmas? If you want to think a little more out of the box about the perfect gift and don't want to arrive with a standard gift or a gift voucher, consider this:

Looking for more inspiration for the perfect gift during the holidays? Then take a look here.

If you want to go a bit bigger, you can also give a BBQ as a gift during the holidays. Guaranteed that your gift will be the showstopper of the evening!

We are very curious to know what you make during the holidays. Do you have any original December recipes? It may be a starter, main dish, side dish, dessert or just a nice snack in between. Then share them with us on Facebook, Instagram or email them to

Happy holidays!