Carri Chef | Leg Leveller

Carri Chef | Leg Leveller

  • Handy adjustable foot for the Carri Chef 2 / 50
  • Easy leveling
  • For a stable barbecue
  • Safer barbecuing
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Article number 8910-111

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  • Article Number: 8910-111
  • EAN: 6001773116695

With this handy adjustable foot you can easily adjust and level your Carri Chef barbecue. Use the hand screw of the leveller to adjust the level of your BBQ. The large foot is easy to use on any surface. The barbecue remains more stable and you can barbecue safely.

Note: this leveller is suited for Carri Chef 2 & 50 barbecues. It does not fit older models. 

Carri Chef | Leg Leveller


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