Tips for cleaning your BBQ!

Tips for cleaning your BBQ!

Cleaning a BBQ is a job that - let's be honest – we do not look forward to. This blog will give you some great and handy cleaning tips to make cleaning your barbecue a bit easier!

To enjoy your barbecue for longer, you should clean it well after every use! CADAC offers a few products to help you clean your BBQ! Use our CADAC BBQ cleaner and cover your BBQ with a suitable protective cover to prevent the barbecue from becoming dusty and dirty. Our CADAC cooking tops are also easy clean as most of them have non-stick coatings.


It is of course better to prevent a barbecue from getting dirty – it will save so much cleaning time and keep your BBQ in top condition:

  • A grill mat is very useful to prevent meat from sticking to your BBQ and it prevents food from falling in between the grids.
  • Your Skottel stays clean by using a special non-stick foil/liner. The foil prevents burning and is easy to clean.
  • Lightly grease the GreenGrill BBQ grid with some sunflower oil. If your meat is not marinated, you can brush some oil on it as well.
  • Aluminium foil can also be used to roast meat and vegetables. Unlike baking paper, aluminium foil can withstand temperatures above 220 degrees. Do not forget to coat the foil with some olive oil to prevent food from sticking to the aluminium foil.
  • A protective barbecue cover prevents your barbecue from scratches and getting dusty and dirty.


If you have a barbecue with an enamelled BBQ grill, you can easily clean it with soapy water and dishwashing liquid. Do not to use a scourer, abrasive or metal tools, as this will damage the enamel on the grid. If there’s really stubborn dirt on your barbecue, you should try the CADAC GreenGrill Brush together with the BBQ Cleaner. This effective cleaning spray is suitable for enamelled and chrome-plated BBQ parts and it can also be used on accessories with a CADAC non-stick coating or CADAC GreenGrill coating.

If you have a BBQ with a chromed grid, you only have to wash the grid with soapy water (after it has cooled down). If there’s food scraps caked on the grid, you need to then place it in water to soak overnight. The grid will then be easier to clean with paper towels the next morning. If necessary, you can remove stubborn dirt with a scouring sponge, an abrasive or metal cleaning tool – only to clean chromed grids!


The Skottel of your Skottel braai is easy to keep clean by using CADAC Skottel foil/liner when you cook. This non-stick foil lasts a long time and can be cleaned in the dishwasher or with soapy water. Tip: roll up the foil after use, so you can enjoy it longer. If you do not use foil, then you can clean the Skottel by pouring a layer of boiled water in the Skottel with a dishwasher tablet or some dishwashing liquid. Afterwards, you can clean the Skottel easily with a sponge. The BBQ Cleaner can also be used to clean the Skottel!


To clean the fat collection tray quickly and easily after use, you can put a layer of (shell or bird) sand in the edge of the fat collection tray before you start barbecuing. After use, you simply scoop off the layer of fat. If you do not remove the fat from the fat collection container regularly, there’s a bigger chance of "a flare up". The fat collector tray is also dishwasher safe, so you can put it in the dishwasher for a good cleaning.


CADAC's outdoor gas barbecues have a smartly finished burner box made of enamelled steel or coated aluminium. The burner box has no sharp edges, making it easy to clean.  When it comes to cleaning your barbecue, you can easily remove the fat pan and barbecue grid to wash inside. When you clean the inside of the barbecue with warm water and detergent, the water drains off through a drip cup/tray into a removable bucket.


In this blog we have mentioned many cleaning products. You will find more information about these products on the Cleaning & Maintenance page. If you have any questions or perhaps a golden cleaning tip, please contact our customer service.

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How do I maintain the CADAC cooking surfaces?
Most of our cooking surfaces (like the paella pan and BBQ grid) have our GreenGrill ceramic coating. Always use wooden or plastic utensils to avoid damaging this coating. Our GreenGrill Brush is perfect for cleaning these GreenGrill coatings. You can clean the surfaces in (warm) water with a soft sponge or dishwashing brush. You can also use the CADAC barbecue cleaner. Never use scourers or abrasives.
How do I clean the fat pan?
While you barbecue, the fat will drip into the fat pan. If you place some water with vinegar or some sand into the fat pan before use, you can easily skim the fat afterwards.
If you don't remove the fat from the fat pan on a regular base you will increase the chance of “flaring”.
How do I clean my BBQ grid?

All our BBQ grills have a GreenGrill coating. This coating makes cleaning your grill very easy. Do not wait too long to clean it, but at least until the grid has cooled down. The grid can then be easily washed with warm water and soapy water. Do not use a scouring sponge, abrasives or metal tools. For difficult stains, you can use the CADAC Cleaner or the GreenGrill Brush.

How do I clean my Skottel?
The Skottel stays clean by using CADAC non-stick liner; after use, the liner can be cleaned by simply rinsing with hot water or in a dishwasher. If you don't use the liner, you can clean the Skottel by boiling some water with detergent in it. After that the Skottel can be easily cleaned.