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Recipes for (camping) barbecue and Skottelbraai

Discover the most flavorful Barbecue & Skottelbraai recipes: from delicious one-pot meals to tasty desserts!

On our barbecues, you can prepare the tastiest and most versatile dishes; whether you're a devoted meat lover, enjoy fresh fish, prefer flavorful vegetarian dishes, or just love delightful desserts. Discover the art of barbecuing and indulge your taste buds with our delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes on the barbecue or Skottelbraai.

Delicious Meat Dishes: Treat your (camping) guests to our irresistible meat recipes for the barbecue. From perfectly grilled steaks to juicy burgers and flavorful spareribs. Make every barbecue a culinary highlight!

Fish Favorites: Enjoy the fresh flavors of the sea with our barbecue fish recipes. Discover how easy it is to bring a touch of the ocean to your backyard or campsite.

Tempting Vegetarian Options: For the vegetarians among us, we offer a range of colorful and flavorful barbecue recipes. Discover how delightful meat-free can be. Unleash your creativity and enjoy healthy and tasty vegetarian dishes straight from the barbecue.

Heavenly Grilled Desserts: End your barbecue party with one of our irresistible grilled dessert recipes.