Gas supply

What is the difference between butane and propane?
A gas barbecue works on butane, propane or a mixture of these two types of gas. The difference is the boiling point; the temperature at which it changes from liquid to gas and vice versa...
What is the shelf life of gas hoses and pressure regulators?
Our gas hoses and pressure regulators comply with the highest safety level and European standards and regulations. There are no strict requirements for replacing your gas hose, but we recommend to replace your gas hose every 5 years.
Where do I leave my empty gas can?
After use, you can dispose of your empty gas can or cartridge with the residual waste in the gray container or hand it in as scrap iron at the recycling center in your area. 
What is a gas pressure regulator?
A gas pressure regulator (together with a gas hose) is the connection between a gas bottle and, for example, a gas barbecue. The gas pressure regulator ensures that the gas pressure coming out of the gas bottle is reduced...
What is a hose tail?
With a hose tail you can easily screw your gas hose to, for example, a gas barbecue. Do not forget to use a hose clamp (usually not included) to clamp the hose properly around the hose tail. The ridges on the hose tail provides a good seal.
What's the difference between 30mbar and 50mbar appliances?
In most EU countries the standard gas pressure is 28-37mBar. These should be used with a 30mBar regulator.
How do I perform a leak test?
When you connect a hose to your bbq, we recommend to perform a leak test. Always do this outdoors! Prepare a mixture of water (1 part) and detergent (1 part) and spread it on the gas connection...
How long can you store a gas bottle/cartridge?
As long as the bottle/cartridge and the tap/connector look good, no rust on the bottle/cartridge or corrosion of the copper, it is good to use them
Gas hose length
Our gas appliances function best with a gas hose no longer than 1.5 metres.
How long does an 11kg gas bottle last?
Every gas cylinder needs to be inspected every so often. The approval period is at least 10 years, although it is longer for some gas cylinders.
Which gas do I use for my gas barbecue?
Our gas barbecues will run from either Propane or Butane, or a mixture of them.
Which gas hose do I need for my LP gas barbecue?
The type of gas hose and pressure regulator you need depends on your choice of gas bottle or cartridges.
How do I connect my Safari Chef HP?
The Safari Chef HP runs directly on a gas cartridge. This is simply screwed under the appliance.
How long can I barbecue on gas?
We are regularly asked how long the BBQ works on a gas cartridge, gas canister or a gas bottle. This depends on a number of things: