What is the difference between a CADAC Pizza Stone and a CADAC Pizza Stone Pro?
The difference between a "normal" CADAC Pizza Stone and a CADAC Pizza Stone Pro is the aluminum heat spreader...
What is the difference between the BBQ Plancha and the Grill2Braai?
The BBQ Plancha consists of half a BBQ grid and half a baking plate (plancha). The Grill2Braai has half a grill plate and half a baking plate...
How do I use the CADAC pizza stone
Use the pizza stone with pot stand & dome, or when you have a patio BBQ replace the Thermogrills with the pizza stone. Sprinkle some cake flower on the stone to prevent sticking. Never place a frozen pizza on the stone. Baking time depends on...
Which cooking tops can be used on my CADAC barbecue?
On our website you can find the cooking tops / accessories that can be used on our barbecues. On the service part of the website you can find the available accessories for older CADAC models.
What are the advantages of non-stick foil?
The CADAC non-stick foil is designed to keep the Skottel clean and to prevent sticking. This non-stick foil will last a long time and can be cleaned in soapy water or a dishwasher.
Which accessories are suitable for the Skottelbraai or Paella Braai?
There are various accessories available that are suitable for both the Skottelbraai and Paella Braai...
What's the difference between the Paella Pan and the Chef Pan?
These pans are very similar; they are both aluminum with a ceramic coating for optimal heat distribution and easy cleaning. The difference is mainly in the handles.