Hooray! 75 years of CADAC

Hooray! 75 years of CADAC

We have something to celebrate. CADAC celebrates its 75th anniversary this year!

Founded in 1948 in Johannesburg, South Africa, we have been a major player in outdoor cooking! One of the best things about outdoor/camping cooking is the opportunity to catch up with friends, family or neighbours while the barbecue is on and you have a drink in hand. Over the past 75 years, CADAC has developed an extensive range of barbecues and accessories; for use on the campsite, on the balcony or at home, from large to small, from gas and electric to fantastic paella pans and pizza stones!

So thank you to all seasoned and novice BBQ-ers! We are proud to have reached this fantastic milestone and look forward to another 75 years as the BBQ brand that is not afraid to break the boundaries of conventional outdoor cooking.

Back to the beginning

CADAC was founded in Johannesburg in 1948 as Commercial And Domestic Appliance Company. CADAC started by manufacturing and selling gas cylinders. In the years that followed, the range expanded to include various patio and other outdoor living products, such as heaters, lamps and cookers.

The first Skottelbraai

Farmers formed a large part of the South African population. When they were out in the open, they would start a fire for dinner and place a ploughshare (Skottelskaar) above it. On this they 'braaid' their meat. The fat coming out of the meat kept it from burning.

CADAC came up with the idea of placing the ploughshare on a gas cylinder via a tube, but manufactured in round and enamelled form. Thus, the "Skottelskaar Braai" was born. This Skottelskaar was further developed over the years into an enamelled Skottel with a lightweight and collapsible base, making it easy to carry.

In 1992, the first Skottelbraai was brought to the Netherlands. It was an instant success, especially among campers, because of the convenience of this handy barbecue! Until then, people only barbecued on traditional charcoal barbecues. With the Skottelbraai came an easier, faster and healthier alternative. You could also easily take it with you.

All milestones at a glance

  • 1948: Establishment of CADAC in Johannesburg
  • 1957: Started manufacturing and selling gas cylinders.
  • 1988: First sales outside South Africa
  • 1992: First Skottelbraai in Europe
  • 1995: Transition to outdoor living instead of just cooking on gas
  • 1999: Opening office in the UK
  • 2002: Opening office in the Netherlands
  • 2008: The first Safari Chef and Carri Chef barbecues are introduced to the market
  • 2022: CADAC becomes part of Dometic
  • 2023: 75 years of CADAC

CADAC & Dometic

Since 2022, CADAC has been part of the Dometic group. Dometic is a global company with a long history of creating industry-leading products for outdoor, home and professional use. With nearly 40.000 resellers and repair shops around the world, you can find Dometic everywhere. CADAC barbecues complement the Dometic range of outdoor products perfectly, and together we can provide all kinds of outdoor recreation solutions!