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    How do I use the CADAC pizza stone
    • Use the pizza stone with pot stand & dome, or when you have a patio BBQ replace the Thermogrills with the pizza stone.
    • Sprinkle some cake flower on the stone to prevent sticking.
    • Never place a frozen pizza on the stone.
    • Baking time depends on several aspects such as the thickness of the dough, the ingredients used for pizza toppings, weather conditions, etc.
    • If the baking process goes too fast, turn off the heat and let the pizza bake with the lid closed.
    • The stone can also be used on the BBQ grid; the baking process will just take longer.
      Note: the grid can be damaged if the stone slides.
    • Never immerse the stone in water, but wipe with a wet cloth or rinse briefly.
    • Do not use detergents to clean the stone.
    • It is perfectly normal for the pizza stones to stain and darken with use.
    How do I take care of the non-stick coating of my BBQ tops?

    The paella pan and the reversible grid have a non-stick coating. Always use wooden or plastic tools in order to prevent damage. The tops can be cleaned in warm water with a soft sponge or dishwashing brush. Never use scourers or abrasives.

    What are the advantages of a gas braai vs a charcoal braai?
    • A gas braai is immediately hot
    • Easier to clean
    • Finely adjustable temperature control (for most models) with a control knob
    • Easier to light with an automatic piezo ignition
    • Gas braais are allowed more often on camp sites and can also be used on a balcony or in a park
    How do I clean my Skottel?

    The Skottel stays clean by using CADAC non-stick liner; after use, the liner can be cleaned by simply rinsing with hot water or in a dishwasher. If you don't use the liner, you can clean the Skottel by boiling some water with detergent in it. After that the Skottel can be easily cleaned.

    What's the difference between a HP and a LP braai?

    HP means High Pressure and a HP braai works directly off a gas cartridge.

    Low Pressure (LP) braais work off a gas cylinder or Power Pak and can be connected with a regulator & hose.


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